The Best Tee in Baseball – The Batting Tee that Every Coach Needs

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Tanner Tees - Professional Hitting Aids

Stop buying the same tees that break every couple weeks and invest in a tee that lasts for years. I wouldn’t promote a product I wouldn’t use for myself or my own team.

As a coach, former Division I player, and avid believer in the baseball Gods, I have searched the overabundance of baseball equipment on the market and have found that Tanner Tees are the best overall tee you can find. Their product is simple, portable, and durable. Tees are an essential ingredient for baseball teams and crucial for maximizing reps at practices where coaches are trying to juggle live pitching, fielding ground balls, and players taking swings. The last thing I want as a coach is to waste my money on equipment that can’t hold up to the inevitable, day to day beating of baseball bats.

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There is no escaping the fact that youth players are going to hit the tee like a piñata. They don’t mean to but the truth is that if the tee you buy isn’t made with quality parts, your wallet will suffer. I have wasted money on other products only to go out and buy more before the end of the season because the rubber couldn’t hold up or one piece broke and the tee is unusable. You don’t get that from Tanner Tees.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Andy Menard, the co-owner and CEO of Tanner Tees. Not only is Andy the grandson of Joe Tanner, the inventor of the Tanner Tee, he has been with the company from the very start when he was building the early stages of the Tanner Tee in his grandfather’s garage. “I’ve always seen myself as a hard worker with inherent motivation to simply do my best at what I do,” Andy says. That’s the kind of mentality behind this company that puts the quality of the tee before the quantity. When asked where he sees Tanner Tees going in the next few years, he says “The unofficial saying around here is sell more batting tees. We are very proud of the tee Joe invented and the business he built (in his seventies!) We are a small growing business with an excellent team of tee builders and supporting personnel, and we are excited to continue sharing our batting tees with as many hitters in baseball and softball as we can.”

Andy is very humble but there is no hiding the quality of a product that every major league team currently uses or has used in the past. Yes, you heard me correctly. EVERY MLB TEAM from rookie affiliates to the Big Show, Australia, and even Japan uses/used (not exclusively according to Andy) the most prevalent batting tee: the Tanner Tee. If I haven’t sold you yet, did I mention that they are affordable? I’ve seen tees cost well over $100. You won’t find that with Tanner Tees. Not only is it reasonably priced but it is easily the best bang-for-your-buck. The tees are hand-made with patented technology that makes it one of the best tees on the market. You’ll see me using these tees in my videos at and in the Practice Builder App. I wouldn’t promote a product I wouldn’t use for myself or my own team. Get yours today by clicking any of the links in this article. It will easily be one of the safest investments you make as a coach along with the Practice Builder App by Coach COA.

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